Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If you haven't known by now, on Youtube there are allegations of an alleged "Lesbian Sex Tape", pre-recorded by Juanita Bynum with her lesbian lovers. According to the source, the alledged sex tape will go public right before the divorce case or during the criminal trial. In the interest of honesty, I have not challenge the creditability of the source. You are more than welcome to do your own discovery. The source claim that the sex tape is in the hands of Bishop Weeks.

As far as Juanita Bynum being the new face for abused women. The victimhood syndrome will in no way lessen her guilt. If there is any merit to this recent allegation, Juanita have a lots of questions to answer. I can't see Bishop Weeks not going do without a fight. If you want to see the alleged lesbian sex tape audio/video, logon to http://www.youtube.com/ It is quite chilling, compelling and convincing.


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