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If you haven't tuned in already to WDIA on the Bev Johnson Show & Let's Talk About It at night with Denise Dean, you are missing out on the wisdom of Common a prominent WDIA caller and listener. He is a conservative Christian known for setting the record straight. He does it in a way whereby the WDIA listeners can fathom the truth. Below is an archive of audio sound bites. You can share and pass them along and make them practical for your own personal use.

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In the 2000 Presidential Election, the former vice-president Al Gore played on the emotions of blacks in America by using the "three-fifths-of-a-person argument to bait the black votes. Well, because Democrats believes that the average black person isn't too bright anyway, Al Gore felt no shame or guilt in exploiting once again, the descendants of former African American Slaves. The "three-fifths" clause can be easily explained. It is not rocket science! As any idiot knows, it was the antislavery framers who didn't want to count blacks as full persons in determining congressional representation. Regardless of the allegations of Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and Jesse Jackson, this constitutional provision had nothing to do with slavery or voting. That's right! It wasn't PROSLAVERY! When are these three idiots going to get it! The provision simply determined congressional apportionment. If blacks counted as full persons, the slave-owning states would have overwhelmed the Congress. They would have loved to count blacks as 2,3,4, OR EVEN 5 people for that reason, that would have overwhelmingly increased their power in Congress and black would still be picking cotton in the cotton fields today. When black people educate themselves on the facts and are informed Democrats don't have a prayer of running their schemes. Democrats loses BIG time at the voting ballot. Now, I have read and study with intents the Three-fifths Clause in the Constitution. And it is foreign to the radical talking points of liberals. It simply says that Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which my be included within the Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all others Persons. The clause our Constitution is often misunderstood by blacks in this country, and distorted by Democrats in this country. The apportionment rule was not proslavery. You hear this proclaimed all the time on the Al Sharpton show and other black talk radio. The Constitution itself acknowledged that blacks were persons. This is another one of elite black and white liberal democrats employed of staying in power.

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In Atlanta at the Atlanta Civic Center, talking about chaos and confusion. Louis Farrakhan was back at his same old outdated message, after recovering from surgery for prostate cancer. Farrakhan continue to play the blame games, but he offers no jobs to the people he is pretending the help.He used the slandering phrases like, "scared to death negro", black peace coexisting with the murders of our people (whites). This man is insaned. This is height of ignorance.Farrakhan is very sick in the mind. He is a classic example of an extreme black racist who is very dangerous and dethromental to his own race. Could you imagine a white man for nearly 2 1/2 hrs sticking it to the black man? Sharpton,and Jackson would be calling for his head on a silver platter! But let it be known unto Louis Farrakhan. "We should let the world know that we're tired of you, not white America.


This is a video that no elite liberal democrats would a black american to see. It exposes the false notion that somehow the 2004 Presidential Election was stolen once by President Bush. It is a must see video, if you are still in doubt.

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If you haven't known by now, on Youtube there are allegations of an alleged "Lesbian Sex Tape", pre-recorded by Juanita Bynum with her lesbian lovers. According to the source, the alledged sex tape will go public right before the divorce case or during the criminal trial. In the interest of honesty, I have not challenge the creditability of the source. You are more than welcome to do your own discovery. The source claim that the sex tape is in the hands of Bishop Weeks.

As far as Juanita Bynum being the new face for abused women. The victimhood syndrome will in no way lessen her guilt. If there is any merit to this recent allegation, Juanita have a lots of questions to answer. I can't see Bishop Weeks not going do without a fight. If you want to see the alleged lesbian sex tape audio/video, logon to http://www.youtube.com/ It is quite chilling, compelling and convincing.


Mayor Willie Herenton has served as the Mayor of the City of Memphis for 16 years. He has now enter into his 5th term as City Mayor. On the election night of October 4th, 2007 Mayor Herenton victory speech caused a great controversy, especially within the white community. Some critics have called it an attack against whites only in Memphis. Some critics have even charged the Mayor of playing the race in the 2007 election in order to get re-elected. Countless allegations and charges have been level at Mayor Herenton by his critics. Many who are black. A local Memphis radio talk host has question the legacy of Mayor Herenton. Is Mayor Willie Herenton legacy in jeopardy? You decide.